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picnic baskets are here

yes, it’s true. after a month of dancing in the inspiration of the hillhurst sunnyside farmer’s market i’m putting it all together and what do i got? a picnic basket, of course! complete with red and white gingham napkins and mini-blanket, each apple bushel basket contains 2 sandwiches (tofu, barbecue sauce, lettuce, shallots confit & […]

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Zoey - The picnic basket is a fantastic idea! Wednesday nights are date nights and the H-S farmer’s market is really close to my house. I will certainly be partaking before the summer is over — thanks!

Farmer’s Market Fun

I’m busy in my kitchen getting ready for the market tomorrow. Shallot confit is simmering away in red wine and fresh thyme. Cauliflower has been cut into cute little florets and is ready to hit the salted boiling water. My fellow vendors from the market have been super helpful again this week – Andrea from […]

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Pulled pork sandwiches are on the menu tonight! Last night I made my very favorite barbecue sauce and there’s a loaf of country bread in the oven filling the house with it luxurious aroma. I have a pork shoulder which I’ll pop in, after the bread comes out, and braise it for hours. We rubbed […]

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bread – a love affair

I love bread. This is my new lover, pain de campaigne. Not bad for a first encounter.

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oh sticky buns

I love these buns. They come from a recipe in “Baking with Julia” – by far one of my most favorite cook books ever. Making the puff pastry isn’t so tricky, but BEWARE! Eating 3 sticky buns after they come out of the oven isn’t very tricky either.  This batch was given to friends for […]

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