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whoopie! holiday gift market this friday!

click here to open the latest newsletter in its own browser announcing the holiday gift market at the hillhurst sunnyside community centre. we’ve all missed the hillhurst sunnyside farmer’s market so much. oh winter. but alas, this friday the market crew will be back together for the holiday gift market! yeah! many vendors with plenty […]

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Roberta Chic - you never cease to amaze me with your creativity!!!!!
Good luck at the market! Wish I could be there.
Hi to Mark,Kari &Cory.
Love Mom

a new newsletter

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Corinne - Dear Jenn,

I’m sure you and Mark are loving your new home and location.
We hope to come to your open house and sale. Everything looks so lovely.
We cannot quite read the address on our computer, is the event taking place at 36 Ridge Road?

Thanks and warm regards,

second last market menu of 2010

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pecan sticky buns

Aaah pecan sticky buns. They have made me world famous. People talk about them with such pleasure. My boyfriend looks at me with lust in his eyes when he eats one fresh from the oven. This batch was prepared as a wedding gift – these friends didn’t need another toaster, they NEEDED these buns. I […]

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Roberta Chic - love pecan sticky buns!! Please send me the recipe.
Take care.

From Chez Panisse to Chez Calgary

In April of this past year I went to Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. A dream come true, for sure! Alice Waters was an absolute inspiration and beacon as I made my way through chef school, knowing I was making my way to her. When I got to Chez I did meet Alice a couple […]

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goodnessbaker - Great article and photos! Now I miss Calgary more than ever 🙂