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friday was good

Today was an all seafood menu and it was incredible. The pickeled mackerel I helped Jean Pierre with last night was part of the salad. The soup was a bouillabaise with rouille, a spicy tangy mayonnaise that I came to love-love-love during school. And the abundance of green veggies that springtime is so generous with […]

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naomi - your life is so great. You must be on cloud 9.
Your images are knocking it outta the park, sis.

flying solo

I went  for a “little” run before breakfast. The sun was shining and the scent of flowers filled the air. It was going to be a great day. I ran by frat houses and the UC Berkeley campus, past beautiful craftsman style homes and art deco apartments. I ran by palm trees and nasturtiums crawling […]

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internship begins

I started out my day with a little exploring around Berkeley. I found a great sandwich shop and just beat the line-up out the door. It was busy, loud and cozy, too. There we so many choices. My lunch was huge and soooo satisfying. I actually couldn’t even finish the salad. Not bad for $7. […]

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Bozo - hey cool! you’re in berkeley ~ how fun! how long you down there for?

Lucie and Barry - Love your new blog and great to hear of this adventure. Your Pictures inspire me to try some baking. Some are great and some are pretty heavy. Best Wishes

I made it!

First night in Berkeley was great. I found my new home, met my new roomie, then went for dinner. Herbivore is a restaurant that Mark I stumbled upon in San Francisco on Valencia Ave. We had no I idea we were in a vegan restaurant, as those kinds of things just don’t exist where we’re […]

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Welcome to jennchic cooks

School has ended and I’ve been enjoying some down time at home in the mountains. I’ve been catching up on sleep, cooking up a storm and visiting with good friends. There’s many more to see, so hopefully we can get together in May when I return, as I’m leaving on a jet plane… Next week […]

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Lisa Zinck - congrats Jenn. i had no idea where you went off to. i knew it would be bigger and better adventures .
best of luck and i look forward to hearing all about it.