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That’s me. Ever since I can remember the kitchen was my favorite place, besides under my bed or in the dryer (but I seem to have grown out of that). I haven’t grown out of the kitchen though. I still have a great fascination for recipe boxes and cookbooks, the smells, the sounds, the tastes – just like I did when this picture was taken.

Most recently I completed level one at chef school in Stratford, Ontario and worked for one month at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. Working at Alice Water’s famed restaurant was an absolute dream come true for me and I loved every minute of it. Being in such an inspiring kitchen and living in the Bay Area changed everything. I’ve decided to see what happens if I try and do things for myself.

I’m a writer, photographer and chef and everyday I will do my best to inspire people. I will have a table at the farmer’s market selling my Little Chocolate Chippers, I will will write about my experiences and I will take pictures of beautiful food. Fun!

Please support local, sustainable agriculture. Meet a farmer and be generous when buying their food. Love the food you eat. Cook with love and lots of butter. Bake some cookies and give them away.


Cathy - Hey! SO FABULOUS to see you last week!

And congrats on that great Swerve article.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Lorraine Tee - Hi Jenn!

I loved your article in Swerve today, it made me homesick for Manitoba. The Snak Shak and the Venitarta (especially the Venitarta) brought back memories. When I make the trip from Calgary back to Manitoba, there is always a Venitarta in our plans. Thanks for the receipe, I’m going to try it!

Keep up the great work,


Sara Renner - Hi Jen,

I own the Paintbox Lodge in Canmore with my husband, thomas grandi. I have met you at the 350 trail/community garden event back in October.

We just put in an amazing kitchen in our lodge. We are looking for someone who would be a permanent breakfast and pastry chef starting in the summer for guests staying at the lodge. Also, we are looking for passionate gardeners for our bunny proof garden we are planning for this spring to get some local greens on the menu.

Also, we are looking to expand our repertoire of chefs for catering and eventual cooking classes.

I have followed your blog and thought I would float the idea to you as it might be something you would be interested in.


Sara Renner

Patsy Nickum - Hi Jenn,
I had such a fabulous time with you all at Gothics last week. Heli skiing, incredible food, wine, massage, hot tub – Wow! I would love to get a few pictures from you of Cheryl Jensen’s bday party and the bare butt boys, do you have anything you could send me? We are having dinner together on Friday night and I would love to surprise her with a framed photo.

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