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a new kitchen

not long ago i was up in my remote mountain wilderness location realizing that spring would be coming and i would need to find a new job. hmmmm. i really didn’t like the idea of revising a resume and pounding the pavement so i decided not to worry about it. shortly there after a comment showed up on the about page of this here blog offering an opportunity. you can see it here.

before i was even done at the lodge i had met with sarah renner and thomas grandi about perhaps working in their brand new shiny red kitchen. and here i was, a cook soon to be without a kitchen, and there they were – a red kitchen with no cook. how could i say no? and besides they’re awesome people – so keen about creating something for the community, so passionate about food and so interested in collaborating with me. yum!

today, after two glorious weeks of sleeping in, cross country skiing, trail running and spring cleaning i started my new job at the paintbox lodge. i’m so excited. i’ve already had plenty of meetings, chats, meals & fun times with sarah, thomas and mallory. everyone is very welcoming and we’re all very excited to be incorporating food into the paintbox repertoire. super delicious, mostly organic, sometimes vegan but always delicious food, that is!

there’s plenty of plans coming together. this week we have our first trial class for the mom’s secret supper club.  i’ll be inspiring sarah and her pals with super yummy, super healthy dinner ideas. it’s going to be very strict and serious… (snort!) it’s mommies loose on the town! we should be having some fun and eating some great food. and they’ll even have something to take home for the freezer. eventually, we will offer a “mom’s on the run” class on a regular basis – but first we have to do some testing with the guinea pigs.

on thursdays in the summer time, we’ll have a table at the canmore farmer’s market (fingers crossed) where we’ll be offering picnic baskets, fresh bread and other treats. with all that practice i had at the hillhurst sunnyside farmer’s market last year this table will be fantastico. newsletters will announce the weekly menu so please let me know if you want to be on my email list.

friday nights i’ll be preparing our farmbox, a weekly harvest of farm direct organic produce from alberta and bc,  and cooking up a beautiful farmbox dinner for all to enjoy. we’ll be taking reservations at the farmer’ market or online. seating will be limited and we hope to sell out. it’ll be a casual evening of food and wine enjoying a family style set menu of the finest, freshest ingredients available. as the kitchen is open, i’ll happily be available to explain what i’ve cooked and to answer any questions.

i’ll be planting a kitchen garden and i’m happy to say that last week i got the seeds out and planted them in trays. it’s the first time i’ve ever been this close to organized and i have very high hopes for incorporating plenty of parsley, beans and gooseberries into the menu at the paintbox this summer. i’m quite proud of my kitchen farm – which justifies me wearing rubber boots and a straw hat around the house, as well. win – win.

and last but not least, jennchic cooks still continues to cook. i will be offering gluten-free and vegan treats, birthday cakes and other treats upon request and hopefully make it in to calgary a couple times a month to drop off an order or two…anyone interested? drop me a line.

happy spring!


Jenn - Hey Jenn!

Wanted to say thanks for baking some yummy breakfast treats and bread this weekend at Paintbox! Wish I could bite into another one of your muffins 🙂

Hope to return soon and also very interested in attending your 3 course dinners you’ll be heading up in May. Please keep me posted on that if you could!

Oh, and thanks for letting me borrow your ski pants on saturday!

Hope to chat soon,

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