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Writing with my mom

My mom has now started writing for publication. After her announcement last year of some spring sky diving not too much surprises me, now. She’s a pretty inspiring lady.

She’s 75 and I always believed her to be one of the smartest in the land. She is a consistent writer of cards and notes, but I never really thought of her as a writer. Well, a couple weeks ago the horticulture club my mom belongs to was in desperate need of content for their newsletter so she stepped up and then sent me her first draft to be edited. Because, as she said, “This what you do for a living.”

Doesn’t matter how old you are, when you get the thumbs up from mom or dad, it really means something.

When I called her to tell her how much I loved it and read my edited version she said,” I was wondering if you’d think you got all your writing talent from me after you read it.” Gush.

It’s neat to think that maybe I’ve inspired her a little bit…

Roberta Chic for the Selkirk Horticulture Society Newsletter

One of the hardest parts of leaving my house on Maple Drive, was leaving my flower garden. My love of flowers started when I was a little girl. My parents always had a garden, with flowers and vegetables. I loved picking the flowers, much to my mother’s chagrin – I wasn’t always popular but they put up with me.

One of my most memorable experiences in my garden on Maple Drive was the year a family of wrens decided to move into the ornamental birdhouse at my back door. My grandson, Kyle, and I were mesmerized by the activity in their tiny, new home. When we discovered that they laid six eggs, we began watching like expectant parents. Kyle documented the event with his camera and we were so happy when six babies were born. One morning I was out but Kyle tracked me down at a friends house. “The birds are leaving home, Grandma,” he said. “Come home as fast as you can!” I arrived in time to witness them in their first flight! It was wonderful.

When I lived on Maple Drive I had lots of flowers—perennials, annuals, shrubs, berries and, of course, the occasional weed. After a day in the garden, I enjoyed sitting on the deck watching the birds and the butterflies and admiring my handiwork. It was a lot of work, but so satisfying. Although I no longer have my own garden, I enjoy and appreciate our garden at my new home in the Kiwanis apartments. I love discovering the new plants and flowers our gardener plants. I get my hands dirty by helping out at the Horticulture Society garden on Main Street (Watch for the beautiful array of tulips next spring!)

I have been a member of the Horticulture Society for ten years now – I have met interesting people, experienced wonderful garden tours, enjoyed informative presentations and participated in interesting gardening projects. I look forward to another ten years of fun in the garden with my friends at the Horticulture Society.

To our budding gardening enthusiasts—Keep on digging! It pays off in the end.

Scott Paro - Ah great story! Loving your mom and haven’t met her yet.

Jenn Pistone - Hello Jenn,

What a lovely story to read about your mum doing some writing.

I would love to have her do something about our little shop in New Westminster. Of course she would have to come and visit and decide if it inspires her to write.

We opened up Brick & Mortar Living in June 2012 and we’ve been having amazing success thus far. We are a 3 person operation, Mother & Two daughters (Julia 28 & Emma 22).
We’re very proud to support local designers! in fact 98% of what we sell in shop is made right here in Beautiful British Columbia.

We love it when Mother’s and Daughter’s come to visit the shop, perhaps you and mum can come together. New West is changing rapidly and offers much more to do than it did even one year ago. We have a bunch of foodie places and home decor shops now so it makes for a lovely day trip.

I hope to hear back from you,

Kind regards,


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