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From Chez Panisse to Chez Calgary

In April of this past year I went to Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. A dream come true, for sure! Alice Waters was an absolute inspiration and beacon as I made my way through chef school, knowing I was making my way to her. When I got to Chez I did meet Alice a couple […]

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rainy day in the city

We had all kinds of fun things planned for an afternoon in the big city, but it was raining. More like pouring actually. By the time we got to the BART station in Berkeley we were soaked – our jackets weren’t waterproof after all. We were hungry and a little ‘ole rain wasn’t going to […]

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cupcakes for breakfast

How lucky am I that Mark was able to come down to visit me for week? How lucky is he that he got to come and visit me working at Chez Panisse? With more gifts of maple syrup and maple whiskey in hand he was welcomed heartily by the Chez Panisse crew and enjoyed a […]

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bay area weekend fun

On Sunday, I met up with a great friend and his new wife and had a rainy day in the city. Daniel and I worked in Japan together and were both surprised that it had been 6 years since we had last seen each other. When you start talking about all that’s happened in that […]

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berkeley farmer’s market

Bright sunny day. On my way to the farmer’s market at the civic center.  Music pumping from blocks away. Getting closer. Music louder. It’s good. Farmer’s market booths. Beautiful bright fruit, veggies, almonds, chocolates, coffee, tamales, juice, kombucha, bedding plants. Music louder. Funky beets. Funky beats. Drawn closer. To the grass. A crowd. A big […]

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